Saturday, March 30, 2019

Good morning,

As I organize my thoughts this morning I wanted to introduce myself. My name is lorena, and I am a jewelry designer and polymer clay artist of Custom Boutique Jewelry. I opened my website of jewelry pieces in 2007.  I love to craft and create. Back in 2007 my jewelry line was more of a hobby than a business.  I was raising my boys and the idea of being self-employed and working from home was just not an option it was a dream. So I opened up my website, and I sold my jewelry at Pop Up events in my area.  Selling at events really planted the seed in my mind. The moment I gave birth, I knew I wanted to be there for my sons full time. I didn’t like being away from them while l was away working. So I made a plan. In 2016, I promoted myself and I began to focus on my jewelry line full time.

It has been an amazing journey thus far. I hope to share my journey on this blog for everyone to read in hopes that it can encourage anyone wanting to reach high and to never allow anyone to kill your spirit, your dream.



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