Thursday, September 6, 2018

Abuela's Kitchen Meet and Greet 2018

Hi everyone!

Have you seen Abuela's Kitchen Meet and Greet 2018?

Please take a look at the video below. =)

Silvia (@_masmasa) and Abuela (@abuelaskitchen) have an amazing YouTube channel that brings the warmth, and spirit of Mexican Culture through Cuisine. You know that saying, "oh nothing tastes good as my Abuela's ……" Sometimes recipes are lost, and her channel will forever help many of us recreate dishes that we thought were lost.

Thank you Abuela and Silvia for an amazing event!

Coffee Shop: @coffeenutzz


Saturday, June 30, 2018

Happy Summer!
I can't believe how fast summer 2018 arrived. With summer in mind I found myself bringing a little bit of summer into my jewelry designs. Here is a few pictures of some items that have been added to my website.

Cactus necklace with flowers (available in different color options)
Crazy cactus necklace on stainless steel
At our house summer is a time where everything seems to move in slow motion. We wake up later, no homework, and lets not forget places to go and things to see. We have been fortunate to live in Southern California where there is a ton of places to visit. So, I created a bucket list and I am ready. (super excited....)

Travel trailer charms on stainless steel

Events for this summer have been updated here on my blog, and on my website. I have three events in July, two events in August, and two in September 2018. I downsized events this summer so I can spend more time traveling with my family. I hope everyone enjoys this summer. Lets embrace it. 


Monday, February 19, 2018

Good Morning Bloggers!

New polymer clay pieces have been added to my website! These pieces include: rose gold concha jewelry, nopal (cactus) jewelry, polymer clay burrito necklaces, and Frida Kahlo necklaces. These new items where launched a few weeks ago, as I welcomed 2018 events.

Each year I try to attend new cities in my local Southern California area. This year I have added, Chino California to my events for 2018. I will be a vendor at Canvas Food & Craft Festival. This event will be on April 29th, 2018 from 10am to 6pm at Ayala park. 

I have other Cities on my wish list, so I hope to bring news of those events soon. =)

More new items to come! I have a huge list of new items that I would like to add to my jewelry line by Spring. 

I hope everyone had a great new years! 


Polymer Clay Burrito Charm - handmade 
Available on my website under the clay section.

Polymer Clay Concha Stud Earrings - handmade
Available on my website under clay section

Polymer Clay Cactus Necklaces - handmade
Available on my website under the clay section.

Frida Kahlo Inspired necklaces. Handmade out of polymer clay
Available on my website under the clay section

Polymer clay Concha Rings - Handmade
Available on my website under the clay section

Polymer Clay Concha Bracelets - handmade
Available on my website under the clay section.