Saturday, June 30, 2018

Happy Summer!
I can't believe how fast summer 2018 arrived. With summer in mind I found myself bringing a little bit of summer into my jewelry designs. Here is a few pictures of some items that have been added to my website.

Cactus necklace with flowers (available in different color options)
Crazy cactus necklace on stainless steel
At our house summer is a time where everything seems to move in slow motion. We wake up later, no homework, and lets not forget places to go and things to see. We have been fortunate to live in Southern California where there is a ton of places to visit. So, I created a bucket list and I am ready. (super excited....)

Travel trailer charms on stainless steel

Events for this summer have been updated here on my blog, and on my website. I have three events in July, two events in August, and two in September 2018. I downsized events this summer so I can spend more time traveling with my family. I hope everyone enjoys this summer. Lets embrace it.