Thursday, August 31, 2017

Taco Jewelry is here!
I have added a few newly designed Taco Jewelry pieces to my website. Handmade polymer clay taco beads can also be purchased alone too. Contact me if you will like to place a custom order. New Taco Tuesday Jewelry piece include: Taco Charms, Taco Necklace, Taco Bracelet and Taco Earrings. Taco Jewelry pieces are handmade using polymer clay, gold filled metal or stainless steel metal.

Taco Earrings $15

Taco Necklace $15
Taco Bracelet

3 Taco Plate

Craft show updates!
I have been super busy creating, photographing, posting new items online, and tagging all items for the up coming craft shows. It looks like my first holiday craft show will be the first Saturday of October (October 7th) 2017. I am waiting confirmation of secured space. As soon as I receive that I will add that show to my list here on my blog and I will add it to my website.

I hope everyone is doing great!


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