Thursday, August 17, 2017

I have a few updates for the month of August 2017.

Craft Shows:
I have updated my calendar with a few new craft events. =) You can view a list of craft events to the far right of this blog →

Website Updates:
I have been updating my website by adding new items and correcting some "web" relating things like links, pages and items. Total nerd stuff. =)  Now customers can tag my items on social media. (yea I know I am so late with that).

I am beginning to really like using Instagram. It is much faster to reach out to my customers. (I cannot believe I didn't open this years ago) Join me: @cbjbylorena

New Items:
I have added a new jewelry line, Minimal Jewelry.  Most jewelry pieces are $15.00 and under. These can make great jewelry gifts for Birthdays and for the up coming Holiday Season.


Minimal Jewelry Line
(below are a few pictures of my new jewelry line available on my website.) 

Long Gold Hoop Earrings

That wraps up my latest updates for my business (
I hope all of you had a great Summer!


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